Organizing An Appropriate Thesis Title Page: 5 General Rules

Many people don’t know whether it is of any value to organize a title page. Most of them put all their efforts on writing the ideal paper and focus on introduction, body, conclusion and writing the reference page.

What you should know

Choosing a Title

From today henceforth, you need to put it at the back of your mind that the title page is equally important and can make you fail in case of any negligence.


Tips for Newbies

This information is key to those who are still rookies and would like to know how to properly create this page. Consider the following tips.


The Essence

A good title should try to answer the questions; what, when, where and who in relation to the survey you are going to carry out.

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The basics

Master the pertinent style required

In thesis writing, you are directed on which style and format to employ. As we all know, different institutions prefer different styles. You cannot therefore assume this. If it is not given, you have the obligation to make sure you inquire from your supervisor. Once you know whether it is MLA, APA, Harvard or any other style, go to the books and try to learn the basics of crafting the title page. If you have ample time, you can as well learn about dissertations online from.

Craft the main title

A title is not just as simple as you may have in your mind. There are several essential things that must be seen in it for you to get those marks. Anything else will otherwise make you fail. A good title should try to answer the questions; what, when, where and who in relation to the survey you are going to carry out. Try to be very specific, for instance, mention the site and the age group of people you want to deal with. The time period also needs to be recorded accordingly. There is specific number of words that your main title should meet.

Write your name and that of your supervisor

If you are the author of your thesis, your full names must appear in the title page. Write your official names as they appear anywhere else. It is recommended that you start with the surname and finish with the first name. Your name is your identity and therefore, it must be correctly crafted. After this, you are required to write your supervisor’s name. This is someone who has guided you in the course of thesis writing and therefore, his or her name must appear there as well.

Include the date

Are you thinking; can I find a perfect person to write my dissertation? Nowadays, people don’t believe in things that are outdated. You therefore must prove to them that your paper is a current one by including a date. Without it, it will be very hard to make assumptions. As a writer, just make sure you do your work perfectly. More importantly, the date must be correctly written. Avoid any errors that may compromise with your date. For instance, you may be intended to craft 2018 as the year but end up writing 2008. This can greatly affect your work since once it gets published, many people will think it is outdated.

Proofread your work

Given that you have completed everything discussed above, it is high time that you look for any simple errors and grammar mistakes that may put you down. Once you identify these mistakes, make sure you make corrections accordingly. If you are poor at proofreading, you can get your best friend do it for you. Do not ignore any mistake that appears in this page. Corrections o not necessarily mean that you are not experienced. Even the best ones make mistakes. All you need are those marks and therefore, nothing should keep you from getting them.

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